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About Fiddlers Seafood Market and Restaurant

Serving Fresh Comfort

Tucked away in Ridgeland, SC, Fiddlers Seafood Market and Restaurant serves local fresh seafood with a side of charm!

Our Story

Before there was Fiddlers, Billy Rowell searched for an outlet to sell his freshly caught shrimp and crabs. Billy and his wife, Donna, a local music teacher, decided to cast their line and take a chance on opening their own place.

The first building they moved into was a quaint and humble block building which they outgrew within three years. The Rowells then purchased an old service station on highway 17. One side of the building functioned as a fish market, while the other was a restaurant. After several years, the building was sold and the Rowells made their next move to their current location on Main Street in historic downtown Ridgeland, SC. 

After trying one of our delicious straight-out-the-water menu items, stroll on over to our seafood market where you can find seafood to cook with, fresh produce, local baked goods, arts, and old-fashioned candy. The seafood market is now in a separate location within walking distance of the restaurant, in the old Ridgeland Post Office on South Green Street.

Our Catch
Your Way

From Our Family to Yours

Now, Fiddlers Seafood Market and Restaurant is a fully-established and thriving business with a crew of family members. Billy supplies the freshly caught shrimp and crab himself, while the other members of the family help with the restaurant.

Billy and Donna’s daughter, T’Lene Drzymalski, does the accounting, while their daughter-in-laws, Ashley, Patience, and Donna’s 92-year-old mother Grace, oversee the cooking. Their son, Jordan manages the Seafood market. Together, they are eager to greet locals and out-of-towners and make them feel welcome and at home with our southern charm and graces.

Winner of the Town of Ridgeland’s “Business of the Month” Award

For more information about Fiddlers Seafood Market and Restaurant,
please contact us by calling either our restaurant at
843-726-6691, or the market at  843-726-6681.


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